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We don’t have any events planned for December, so we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!



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Previous Events

Discussion about Corporal Social Responsebility with the Embassy of Sweden

The 28th November we hosted a discussion about Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainable business and the challenges that Swedish small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face when doing business in China. Three Swedish SMEs shared their experiences about sustainability in their companies and the challenges that they have faced. The CSR Centre at the Embassy of Sweden shared the Swedish Government’s policy on sustainable business and recent developments and trends in CSR in both China and Sweden. This event was co-organized by the CSR Centre at the Embassy of Sweden, the Sino-Swedish Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre 中国瑞典创新创业基地 (SSIEC) and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China. November 28, 2018.

SSIEC 3rd Annual Forum

‘Innovated in Sweden & China – Co-created Together’. Great discussions at SSIEC’s 3rd Sino-Swedish Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum on 21 Nov. in Beijing. How to improve the framework such as policy making to enhance the cooperation and co-creation between start-ups, SME’s and larger enterprises. This Forum helped pave the way for future and continuous experience sharing and improvement between Sweden and China! The Forum was rounded up by a grand tour of SSIEC’s facilities and new garden that we look forward to have events in! November 21, 2018.

DCCC Workshop I

The Danish Chamber of Commerce China (DCCC) held a workshop at SSIEC for Talent Management Training For Middle-level in Chinese HR managers and department managers to this one day training. The training was for the non-HR managers to enhance their knowledge of that HR management sense, as it is a very important and indispensable ability besides their professional competence. November 16, 2018.

2018 ITTC

COO of SSIEC, Felicia Lindoff, participated in the 2018 (China) Beijing International Technology Transfer Convention’s panel discussion Dialogue III: Promoting International Joint Business Incubation Programs. November 14, 2018.

CJ Studio Delegation from Finland

SSIEC had the honer of receiving our first Finish Delegation accompanied by CJ Studio. We had exiting discussions with interesting Finish companies about how to enter the Chinese market, the challenges and opportunities that comes with, and much more. We look forward to our future cooperation. November 12, 2018.

2018 China-Sweden Matchmaking

SSIEC was the proud partner of Vinnova and MOST at the 2018 China-Sweden Science, Technology and and Innovation Cooperation Matchmaking Meeting that took place in Beijing. COO of SSIEC, Felicia Lindoff, hosted the session about Life Science which included numerous Swedish enterprisespresenting and pitching their companies and products, followed by interesting conversations. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to contribute to the Sino-Swedish network. November 5, 2018.

Digital Transformation with Cobel

”Digital transformation – what is it and why should I care?” Karoliina Callavik, CEO of Cobel, gave an introduction to digitalization as well as digital transformation, the new technologies and also to what it takes to be a successful company in the new digital eraa. November 6, 2018.

SSIEC is now a member of DCCC

Sino-Swedish Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre 中国瑞典创新创业基地 (SSIEC) had the honor to become a member of DCCC – Danish Chamber of Commerce in China in Beijing. We already have many projects in the pipeline together, and we look forward to our future cooperation @Mads Vesterager Nielsen 倪迈森 GM of DCCC Beijing & Felicia Lindoff COO of SSIEC. October 26, 2018.

Delegation from Sweden II

 Sino-Swedish Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre 中国瑞典创新创业基地 welcomed Executive Master of Business Administration candidates from Mgruppen Svenska Managementgruppen AB to Beijing. Executives in management, leadership, strategy and finance had a chance to hear more about businessmanagement and innovation in China, and the cooperation between both countries. We got to hear Martin Vercouter, General Manager of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China, Magnus Callavik, Managing Director at ABBSifangPowerSystem, Karoliina Callavik, Co-founder and partner at CobelSweden, and Felicia Lindoff, COO and Co-founder of SSIEC give their take on China’s business and innovation culture. October 11, 2018.

Business English Workshop 

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China arranged the successful “Business writing with impact” workshop at Sino-Swedish Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre 中国瑞典创新创业基地 with Alistair McArthur from Intelligent People Solutions (IPS). The attendees got to improve their business writing skills by learning how to communicate clearly and to spot, correct and avoid common writing pitfalls. The workshop introduced the importance of adapting the writing style to the reader and how to have a more professional and efficient tone. September 25, 2018.

After work with NorthofNorth

The SwedCham After Work was hosted at the Sino-Swedish Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre (SSIEC). “Building a business from scratch can be challenging in China, but this city also gives us the potential to build something that can truly make an impact,” says Felicia Lindoff, Co-Founder of SSIEC and owner of North of North, a China-based Swedish interior design company with its flair of fengshui. June 15, 2018.

Delegation from Sweden I

SSIEC received representatives from the Swedish companies ICA, Swedbank, Swedavia, Wiseline, Apoteket and Docere to discuss business opportunities and digitalization in the Chinese Market. There was discussions about China’s skyrocket development of its e-Commerce platforms, and how and VR & AI are positioned online and offline. SSIEC COO Felicia Lindoff answered questions about creating contacts with Chinese investors, what foreign companies encounter when doing business in China, and business concept models that work for the local environment. May 31, 2018.